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The nutty Christian woman who claims the canonical Protestant Bible is 99.8% true as opposed to the authorial entity called Homer who is only 95.8% factual - (Is there an archeologist in the house?) - continues with her demented postings.

Unsurprisingly she claims to have evidence but not the time to provide it. Merely time to leave weird comments.

Is she a hoaxster? My mix of queerness and hard atheism has brought me some odd responses but none as entertaining as this. I do hope she really means everything she has typed in Gay marriage: why fundamentalists hate it

Maybe she has deciphered the Da Vince Code.


She is not a hoaxster. She is simply claiming not that the Bible is 99.8% true, but rather that the text itself varies only .2% from one copy to another. Such a statement is meant to assure us of the veracity of the text. The copies are all very much alike, so therefore they must be true.

Never mind that Polynesian religious art is true in form over and over again, and that an error in reproduction could cost the artist his life. Following the logic of your Christian critic, I could claim that Ku must truly be God then because, surely, his Spirit guided the hands of His faithful servants in their work.

Because of conservative nature of religion, be it Christian or Polynesian, religious texts and iconography is always going to be fairly consistent. Note that the Iliad, which is no more a holy text than Plato’s Republic, was cited as being less accurate from one copy to another. So what? A copyist, a believer, is going to be much more wary of making errors with “God’s word” than one who copies Homer’s word. There is nothing amazing or miraculous here at all.

Nevertheless, while all copies of Gospels are accurate one to the next (one copy of Matthew, for example, is like any other), it does not change the fact that the statements made between Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are at variance with one another. For example, one Gospel states three angels were present at the tomb following the resurrection of Jesus, while another states there were two.

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