Sensual pleasure in money

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I've always aimed to keep my online griping to a minimum: if you aren't a teenager it is tedious. Even if it happening to you it is tedious. Life may not always be a bowl of cherries but who wants to focus on the pits.

The best thing in my life? Money! My bills are paid. While today I had to pay a hefty sum because Charles hadn't had one of his three cards tested since 2,000 I still have a goodish amount left over.

So I bought some CDs (sorry, no MP3s, Bit Torrent (?) &Etc. for me). My weekly compact disc purchases was one of the things I forswore when we started living together. I ordered a Sister Rosetta Tharp box (early gospel singer who also performed in nightclubs) , a disc of hitherto unreleased Moon Mullican (hillbilly boogie), Ethel Waters (America's most neglected traditional pop singer) and five Boswell Sisters. I already have several Boswell Sisters collections but they are fairly redundant. This is a series of collected works. You've probably never heard of them but they get my vote for greatest vocal group of all time. Period.

(I was trying to think of some recent electronica / dance pop to buy but my mind went blank even though I know there are folks that I like with releases that I don't own. Make a suggestion if you feel like it.)

And I've ordered a new computer. My old 450 MHz PIII+ has been with me long enough. I'll let it devolve into a box solely for Charles to use when he accesses AOL or his MSN email account. What brand you might wonder? Is it a Dell or HP, perhaps a Sony VAIO or even a little eMachine. The brand as it were is Richard. I chose the components and am having a local shop assemble it for me. Used to be that I'd put all the pieces together myself. You know what I find hardest about building a PC: getting the cards in the slot. I'm as they say a total klutz. (You can read my component list but it doesn't make for exciting reading unless you like to argue about motherboard and monitor choices.)

Not an exciting tale of cheer. But if you've ever found yourself pinched for money for a couple of years you know how uplifting it can be to be able to spend some on yourself.

As Bertie Wooster would say, Cheerio and pip pip!


Intrex? They’ve done fairly well by me. Don’t chuck the PIII; I recently resurrected my ancient 486 as a file server with a little help from a 120G HDD and Debian. It was a fair amount of work (I’m no sysadmin) but fun and gave me a sense of accomplishment. Plus I can play my entire CD collection remotely, thank you Lincoln Stein ( for Apache::MP3.

Re: electronica

You have to get Juana Molina’s ‘Segundo’ it’s dreamy, Argentinian and ace. Album of the year for me.

Pansonic - Kesto = 4 hours of drone and skronk if you can bear it.

!!!! - ‘Louden Up Now’ is OK in an 80s NYC electrofunk way

Animal Collective - Sung Tongs: Electronic folk

4Tet - Rounds - folktronica a go go

Mum - Summer Make Good; Icelandic drift with sad girl voices oooooh.

Fennesz - Venice - fabulous sex music lashing you with a feather duster.

Leafcutter John - The Housebound Spirit.


‘Louden Up Now’ is by Chk Chk Chk (written as four exclamation points but the comments thing wouldn’t let me do it)


Something from the Initial D soundtrack perhaps? Kinda bouncy, but great fun to listen to!

Thanks for the suggestions. Having just blown about $200 on CDs I?m going to have to calm down for now. Most of what I bought was from the 1920s ? 30s but did get caught up on Luke Vibert / Wagon Christ.

Sorry for the hassle with the comments. It must have matched something a spammer used in the past.

for electronic/pop, my favorite would have to be BT. he collaborates alot with other artists as well.

i like the old stuff too. before my aunt died i used to spend summers at her very rural house listening to old 78’s she had for decades.

I think I have everything by BT. Sometimes I almost wish I’d never heard him. He got me so sucked into electronica that I spent way too much money trying to find similar stuff that I liked as much.

When I started buying music a few years ago I somehow found myself digging deeply into much of the music that came out before I was ever born. Every decade has wonderful singers and musicians. I won’t live long enough to get caught up but I’ll have a good time trying.


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Sensual pleasure in money
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