Tie-dye t-shirt?

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Tie-Dye T-shirts?

Id like to get Charles a tie-dye t-shirt for his birthday. Since he takes me wherever I go itll have to be bought online. Finding listings isnt a problem but maybe someone can suggest a particular seller?


I called Blue Cross yesterday to ask why it seemed a long time since theyd sent me a bill. The quick answer was that theyd canceled my health insurance. At the end of last year they dissolved the old program I was in (one that required me to pay for an annual membership in the North Carolina Grange) and put me in something called Blue Advantage. They also stopped debiting my checking account. By the time I caught that I had to ask for an extension. By the time that was fixed I was late again but didnt realize it and Ive spent the last couple of months unknowingly bereft of health insurance. Hopefully todays note and thousand-dollar check (four months of premiums) will get it restored. For now it is scarier to be riding in the car and a fever would be a bit frightening.

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Tie-dye t-shirt?
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