Tolerance: inherent or learned

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A reply to a comment on Misanthropy, Atheism, Moralizing, Luck.
I don't hate humans, I hate hypocrisy

Umm … you don’t hate the hypocrite as well?

that all white people are necessarily disposed toward racism

Most anything I can say about the evil of racism I wrote in Nigger: a strange hateful word. I know too many kind, humane people to think that people are “necessarily” inclined to racism.

those who dwell on racism

I couldn’t tell if you were addressing racists here or black people whose main focus is racism.

So to call yourself tolerant, and to berate the loss of what you term 'intolerance'

Meant mostly as irony. I was trying to describe an adjustment in my sense of my relationship with the mankind at large.

prejudicial, that tolerance is somehow something striven for, rather than inherent, and that intolerance is something inherent, that must be striven to overcome--I do not think this is true

I think that back in primeval times intolerance and an accompanying herd mentality were good survival characteristics. I don’t know if it is genetically encoded but was certainly a part of the human mind as it first evolved. And lives on even in trivial things like a passionate attachment to a sports team.

Tolerance is not tolerance, it is wisdom.

My own formulation is that tolerance is born of empathy and the latter is a part of what might be called wisdom.

I’m going to shut up now because I think it would be easy for me to just sound pedantic.


I just read your linked article, and I find strikingly dissatisfying—it needs fleshing out, your impatience to express shows. I think it is the seed of a great read, but as it now, it is hyperactive bleat, much like my own writings (ahh, self deprecation to absolve abuse).

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Tolerance: inherent or learned.

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Tolerance: inherent or learned
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