Trying to avoid strange bedfellows

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An old page from an iteration of my website when I was using it to meet folks online. Bill Clinton's penis stalked the land. The Republican Party spent all of its time in peevish bickering with him. Figured I should screen out people who were either too conservative or too ardently leftward.

I only voted once.

Many people seem to think that watching the news on television, reading newsweeklies, journals of opinion and talking with their neighbors makes them the possessors of real socio-political sagacity.

Making the world a happy and sane place involves many issues at least as complex as nuclear fission, transformational grammar, or paleo-climatology. But the average moron is not under the illusion that he is a physicist, linguist or archaeologist.

I know that I've never given enough time or done enough research to have many opinions worth stating. So I don't like to talk about politics. I'm more than willing to chuckle at the clownish and swinish performances that politicians, their flunkeys and the spokesmen of special interest groups put on for us. But I'm unpartisan to a degree that startles or even bothers most people.

But ...

I don't know if I could become involved with a Republican. I unquestionably want nothing to do with anyone who is socially conservative.

While I don't regard much of what separates the major parties as terrifically significant, they are still just shills for their major donors, the single issue of gay rights alone is enough to make the Republican Party extra repugnant. If you are one of those log cabin boys I doubt if I'd want to know you.

And the idea of taking money from rich people and corporations and giving to the needy, whether they deserve it or not, doesn't bother me a whit. This is the reason I'd never be an upper case Libertarian.

I wish the Green Party any symbolic victories they may have. Same for any left-wing splinter party. Some of them I'll laugh at. I probably laugh at all of the conservative micro-parties. (And am glad that is all they are.)

If you have strong liberal or radical political commitments I'll respect them. But I don't really enjoy talking about politics. It seems to make even the smart and reasonable start saying foolish and superficial things.

I understand. Life's cruelties pull at your heart and you want to obliterate them. To establish fairness. I don't argue with this. But as with many things I'm fatalistic and keenly aware of the vast complicatedness of life.

The best thing to do with the hypocrisies and shenanigans of the major parties and the foolish journalists who take them seriously is to laugh at them.

On the other hand I distress my liberal friends by not having a hankering to take guns away from people.

I may amplify this a bit later. [Wisely I never did.]

My one vote? There was an attempt to pass some anti-gay legislation in California when I lived in San Francisco. Couldn't have that.

When Norman Mailer ran for mayor of New York City he called himself a libertarian socialist.* Whimsically oxymoronic, it captures the conflict between caring for the needing and preserving private liberty. (A conflict greatly eased by not confusing multibillion-dollar conglomerates with individuals.)

Likely it is foolish of me to break my Cistercian silence about politics. Another inflamed whim.

* The Unmaking of the Mayor by William F. Buckley, Jr. who also ran in the race is a terrifically funny book.

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Trying to avoid strange bedfellows
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