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The only online journal Iíve ever had anybody ask me to add to is* the one that I created with the intent of writing about my days here at my used bookshop. For a long stretch I forgot about it. When Iím at work I never think of writing about it. When Iím at home I wisely think little about work. Lately Iíve been adding about an entry a week. Iím not a rare book dealer. When a pricey book comes my way Iím delighted. I most enjoy selling academic and scholarly titles. Mostly we sell a little bit of that and a little bit of that: gardening, queer theory, poetry, music, and crappy religious texts. If it will help us pay the bills weíll probably put it on the shelves. (Why does MS Wordís grammar checker think the word should be Ďbe'?)

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Used bookdealer by day
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