Vinegar Kool-Aid® evening

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This a.m. I was reading a Boston Globe article on the social fallout from being findable in Google. One poor fellow who got arrested when he was seventeen has been having a hell of a time finding work and an apartment to share. Everybody looks him up on Google. Before going on a date lots of folks check out the Google listings for their date. Seeing some quickly castoff words they don’t like with uncharitable persnicketiness they cancel the date.

One day some lonely or unemployed person is going to sue Google. They’ll loose so I don’t think Google will have to do anything. There’s no way they can block out names. With a few billions people no name is unique and anybody whose used almost any search engine know how annoyingly multiple names fuck up searches.

Now I went out of my way to put myself at the top of any search for Richard Evans Lee. If anybody wants to find me I want to see my hand waving back. Still I couldn’t help going out to see what Google was doing today with my name. Every weblog comment I ever left seems to be there. With my own steady visits from the Googlebot I know how well Google indexes weblogs.1

In my surprise I found that Eric Hancock had listed Edifying Spectacle as a cool site.

(Aside: I should’ve known $3.99 bottle Merlot was a mistake; no winebibber, I, but wine that tastes like grape Kool-Aid® is just disgusting).

Nice to be thought cool, yes. Particularly out there in the flatulent vastness of the blogosphere. Subtract the ills of the wallet and the body my strongest annoyance is that I don’t seem to have anything left to say. Have I really told what I want of my life’s story? Is it really possible that I’ll never make a new post about sex? I’d trade a few future orgasms for an entertaining entry.

No reason to think that Eric meant this weblog, after all it is the site’s home page. There’s all the old words. And the steadily updated sex and gullibility weblogs. The latter two are all the words of other folks (mostly fools).

Wouldn’t hurt if I were reading more. Keep the synapses fizzing and crackling and words are more likely to present themselves. I’m the least spontaneous inhibited person I know.2

Today’s great cultural accomplishment was adding Showtime and Cinemax to our cable TV. Surprised me how cheap it was. We’ll easily make up the cost in renting fewer videos. Perfect timing. Now we can use Showtime On Demand to watch the latest season of .Queer as Folks. I can think of as many objections as you can: it isn’t as good as the British edition, it is as nothing compared to Metrosexuality. But within a few minutes Charles was delighted to see his, um, ‘peeps’ again. I remain nonplussed by Bryan’s appeal and happy to see nelly Emmett.

Who couldn’t salute the femme gay woman when she announced her intention to marry her partner at her tight-assed sister’s wedding? Or Bryan gluing the judge’s butt to the toilet seat.

Anyway, I don’t have anything to say and hope that I’ve made that clear to you at length.

1:To divagate to the weblogs vs. Live Journal for a moment: most people with freestanding weblogs use their legal name. Very few Live Journalers or Diarylanders, bloggers seem to be split.

2: That isn’t true but I liked the oxymoronic glow.

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