Wasted Time, Wasted Lives

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I don’t have many complaints about my personal history. Life has largely been entertaining.

But I do wish I’d focused some of my time more narrowly. There are many goals I could’ve met if I’d just not let myself fritter hours away in trivial pursuits.

And when I think of people I’ve know who often had goals of being successful, achieving recognition one of the things that strikes me is how unfocused they were. Which is why they failed.

Hours would be devoted to minor interests, they segued into days, weeks, months, eventually years. Suddenly they’d look up and find they were no closer to their goal than they’d been long ago.

Sometimes they’d blame the world for unfairness. But the only one who had been unfair was them to themselves.

It would be a tragedy if you could really feel sympathy. But as annoying and trite as it sounds that ability to maintain a course, to stick to a goal matters every bit as much as glimmerings of talent.

Your feelings?

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Pansexual Sodomite
Wasted Time, Wasted Lives
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