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Emotional strength on the ebb I'm taking a couple of extra days off from my used bookshop (one of the blessings of self-employment). I may piddle with the weblogs, trying once again to make them look better.

And listen to Pet Shop Boys, Sarah Vaughan, Webb Pierce or whoever I'm in the mood for.

The web is supposed to be rich in serendipity. I've been happy to have old friends find my pages (or in one instance someone who knew a friend I was wondering about and let me know that he'd died).

More recently someone who ordered from my shop online cannily dug and found my weblog.

Yet more recently I heard from Joe who lives not far away. But it was Michael in San Francisco who first pointed him this way. The other night Joe rediscovered my website because of a post I made about Christian Haunted Houses.

Offhand I'd say this entry has no real point. Just recording an instance of amusement.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Web serendipity.

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Web serendipity
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