Websites with product numbers?

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You never know what silly surprises may come your way in this silliest of all possible worlds.

I know some weblogs have ISSNs (unique identifiers for periodicals). Never thought of them having ASINs. An ASIN is an product number, mostly they are ISBNs and UPCs (numbers under barcodes). When a product doesn't have either and it somehow worms its way into Amazon's database they assign their own. Mostly you see books before ISBNs were invented. I found my site, Edifying Spectacle, has an ASIN: B0000A390Z.

This afternoon I went to Alexa to see if their determination of my site's traffic had shifted since my last check. Alexa said my site had one review (two stars) on Weak man that I am I had to visit Amazon and discovered my ASIN. (I'm surprised my critic gave me two stars. He was powerfully peeved. I think I must've deleted one of his comments. While anger lends some people's prose vigor his seemed to make his syntax implode.)

Trivial stuff, needed right now. Charles' best friend is in the hospital. She had a heart attack and has only half a chance of surviving. There's laughter in the small things.

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Websites with product numbers?
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