What's Your Spiritual Type?

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Sometime back I played with Beliefnet's Belief-O-Matic, a test that was damnably determined to find me spiritual.

I thought I'd see if Beliefnet's What's Your Spiritual Type? was better at discerning my ardent anti-theism.

You scored 27, on a scale of 25 to 100. Here's how to interpret your score:

25 - 29: Hardcore Skeptic -- but interested or you wouldn't be here!

Well, yes, I am interested. Interested in examples of foolishness, nothing more. If you take the test note Question 14 which doesn't have an acceptable answer. A scale of 25 to 100 seems odd. I'll say I'm a 24.

What's Your Spiritual Type?



“Active spiritual seeker — Spiritual but turned off by organized religion,” and that’s reasonably accurate. I’m a recovering Catholic who now leans more toward (without approaching) Buddhist-type thought.

The test probably well enough for anybody who isn’t a complete atheist. The BeliefNet people are OK even if their tests aren’t.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about What's Your Spiritual Type?.

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What's Your Spiritual Type?
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