Whose lips do you want?

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Queer trends you'd never suspect:

According to L.A.-based plastic surgeon Stephen Grifka, Jolie's lips are the hottest body parts requested by his gay male patients.

Grifka explains the demand by saying, "plenty of gay men want to pucker up."

The article notes this has replaced Charlize Theron's nose (whoever she is).

Gays Keen On Angelina Jolie's Kisser


She’s an actress, who plays Keanu Reeves’ wife in Devil’s Advocate. She’s South African, which is why I noticed. And I suppose she does have quite a nice nose.

Some Negroid lips (on masculine guys) are great for kissing and big lips like that on bottoms are great around my dick, second only to gum-jobs, for my oral pleasure.

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Whose lips do you want?
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