Why don't European lesbians enjoy football?

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One of several bizarre insights offered in the Asia Times Ask Spengler column:

Why, for example, do American lesbians fancy softball (a version of the national pastime of baseball), while European lesbians evince no interest whatever in football?

Spengler's Universal Law of Gender Parity


Unless he means continental Europeans (which I assume he doesn’t since he’s American), he couldn’t be more wrong.

I think the question should be “Why don’t Europeans enjoy football?” and the answer is, because we don’t play American football at all. I don’t know why.

Unless he really means soccer (but I guess he doesn’t - which as we all know is a lesbian’s favourite sport - hey, nearly all women football players are lesbian. They even but my university’s ladies’ football team next to the LGBT society at freshers’ fayre, because the same people were representing both.

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Why don't European lesbians enjoy football?
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