24 Nights (A gay Christmas movie)

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Sometimes it is a tossup record my impressions while theyíre fresh or when Iím less tired.

24 Nights is a better gay Christmas movie than Visions of Sugarplums. Very faint praise.

Jonathan, our hero has written a letter to Santa asking for the man of his dreams. Since he stipulates a Southern accent it isnít a big surprise that a boy from Arkansas shows up at the gay bookshop where Jonathan works. But the gift, Toby, is partnered to guy named Keith.

There are plenty of easy laughs in the first half-hour. Like many of the gay movies Iíve been catching up on thereís not much pacing or development. Keithís developing love for Jonathan isnít very convincing. Nor is Jonathanís realization he doesnít want Toby (I can think of plenty of reasons but I wouldnít have in my early 20s).

A Santa in a diner provides the expected romantic comedy conclusion.

As unconvincing as it was I had a mostly good time watching. Charles really got a kick out of it. And the actors were better than the direction.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about 24 Nights (A gay Christmas movie).

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24 Nights (A gay Christmas movie)
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