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On and off I've been on a search for early gay imagery and erotica of a special sort. Virility hasn't the special sexual power over me that it does most gay men. I never wanted the Marlboro Man or Brawny Towel Man. When I was young and nave I did want the redheaded space case that David Bowie seemed to be when his pop stardom first bloomed.

More open back then my sexuality has become more strongly focused on gay male androgyny through the years. Fitfully I've searched for images of androgynous and feminine gay men. Some of what I've found is in the Imagery section of my personal weblog.(See also Ambiguously Gendered.)

There were probably lots of (possibly lost) dust jackets of 'special fiction' never archived. And (sometimes insulting) old paperback covers of visibly queer guys.

But I'd settle for examples of pretty boys or twinks as they've come to be called in recent times. Back in the 70's when The Advocate was a tabloid I remember there being a cartoonist who specialized in them. And After Dark, the magazine for closet cases who wanted to be upper caste had pictures of cheerfully fey young men.

And I wonder what prose has celebrated the male androgyne (without being as convoluted as Corvo). Were 'girlboys*' ever celebrated in novels? Even lowbrow fiction would be welcome. But not porn, saying to a guy "suck my cock bitch" has its place but isn't what I'm looking for.

I almost wish I'd gotten that college degree so I could've made this 'legitimate' research. Just as long as I didn't bury it in the painful prose of too much Queer Theory.

* That MS Word knows girlboys but not girlyboys what does that say ?


I am bisexual because I feel like traditional sex roles are not entirely inherent but that they are socialized behaviors as well. And because I appreciate my sexuality toward both genders. I believe in Jehova and I am a philosophical prodigy. For you Christians who hate non-heterosexual people, realize that your beliefs are possibly skewed by socialized attitudes and less by the word of Jehova. Non-heterosexual behavior may also be instigated by an increase in social stress between men and women or a lack of social skills. This stress may be caused by the changes in traditional sex roles of men and women. (Arrogant and/or over achieving women may intimidate shy and sensitive men.) Some studies indicate genetic influences. I personally believe that the sex drive has been resisted by irrational social standards unto the point that a person begins to consider alternatives until they can appricate non-traditional sex. (Broken homes may leave children without role models and leave them unprepaired for social situations or skills that help in courting.) This may be difficult and I don’t really expect you to examine it if you hate non-heteros, so this insight is really included here to support others who wish to examine the question of morality and sexuality. In closing I’d like to just say, try and be happy, ‘cause if you aren’t living your life, you’re just spending your days.

It is as simple as recognizing that it is more enjoyable and preferable, and sometimes even necessary for a male to have sex, that one be with a person(of either sex) who is attractive, interesting and fun to be with….be it either sex…..I became bisexual after I asked myself, “if I was given the choice, would I choose to make love to an attractive man or an unattractive woman(I am a male)????”…the choice was easy——-of course I would chose the attractive male———

Your feelings?

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Androgynous gay guys in prose or picture
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