Another Gay Movie: Tops and Bottoms?

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Another Gay Movie didn’t spark a single laugh. I won’t bother to find fault with the film, that lack of effect says it all. I did like Johan Blechman as Nico but the Nicos of this world have long been my favorite kind of gay guy.

There were a couple of themes that I wonder if are true in contemporary gay male youth culture or just crochets of this film.

They young gay men all profess to be tops. They are ashamed to be seen as bottoms. Given the enthusiastic bottoms that abound this is hard to take seriously. Unless the heterosexualization of gay males is causing many to feel ashamed of what they enjoy. (Since the movie is a spoof I may be missing a joke.)

Anal sex is treated as the acme of sexual pleasure: the only authentic sexual act, more ‘real’ than anything else. For me this is the case: being inside a guy is like nothing else. But I know many gay guys who don’t feel that way. They don’t enjoy it and plenty won’t even consider anal bottoming because it causes them physical pain. They practice frotting, mutual masturbation and oral sex.

But such a perspective would neatly correlate with the current heterosexual folklore that oral sex isn’t ‘real’ sex. Again, I find it hard to believe that young gay men’s attitudes have been corrupted this way.

I certainly hope not.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Another Gay Movie: Tops and Bottoms?.

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Another Gay Movie: Tops and Bottoms?
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