Boys Life 6

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  • Bugcrush as many have noted is disturbing. Mostly compelling but also like many I have no idea what happened at the end. That left me without any real opinion about the short.
  • The titular Doorman has an affair with a tenant. Because of his cultural background - Hispanic? - he will not bottom. His lover starts provoking him to beat him. It isn’t clear if this is a response to the other’s refusal to be penetrated or if the guy is just a masochist. Finally the doorman asks to be screwed. No lube, two thrusts and it is over! As is the romance. Again not clear: has his compromised machismo destroyed his passion?
  • Davy and Stu are two Scottish lads who meet in a bog. They chat, one hopes eventually make love. It is short and very sweet.
  • As is Heartland in which a college student returns home to visit the family farm only to be outed. His father retreats to bed with a bottle and the young fellow has to stay on to save the farm from bankruptcy. Even though he sees the life he had planned slipping away he finds love with a former high school mate turned farmhand. Again, short and sweet.

The shorts all capture a mood well even if there is minimal story.

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