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Brad Rader gay pride march poster

Frederic Wertham in his infamous Seduction of the Innocent told us that Wonder Woman was seriously Sapphic. He also offered his own insight into the subtext of Batman and Robin's relationship though we don't see them here.

But Kal-el, last Son of Krypton, i.e., Superman? And Wertham only warned us that he was a proto-fascist.

I can't help but smile at Captain Marvel's - the guy giving the crowd the finger - prominent bulge. No comic book character was more crotch-free than the Big Red Cheese back in the golden age of comics.

While I have your attention (if anyone at all actually sees this) let me point you to my personal weblog, Pansexual Sodomite, where I've posted a list of ten of the pages I'm happiest to have written.

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