Clark Kent Gay?

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Is Tom Welling Gay?

Homoerotic hottie Tom Welling

That question about Smallville’s homoerotically hot star is the most common search term bringing visitors to this site. I’ve never given the idea a second’s consideration but Google and other search engines have a way of mashing disparate elements in unexpected ways.

Probably the real question is there any way I can get Tom Welling to have sex with me. Probably not but that is why people write slash fiction and without even checking I’m sure there’s lots of Smallville slash stories on the web.


I would love to see Clark get it on with Lex Luther. I want to see Clark suck Lex’s cock and then take it up the ass like a “Superman”

I doubt he’s gay in real life (although he’s got very full lips which can indicate low testosterone), but in slash life he’s got to end up being caught by Lex who licks him, cages him, and turns him into a super sex slave. He could even rent him out to other evil-doesrs!

Smallville Clark Kent could be anything he damn wants. Being Superman is a lot of responsibilty, he’s sex life and orientation is captured with an undertone. And I really hope he is straight

I think lex and Clark should really do it Because it would be better so the Clark and lex’s fans will like it

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Clark Kent Gay?.

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