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I don’t really fault the makers of Dante’s Cove for producing a TV series that I didn’t enjoy.

Quite some time back I was sent a press release with photos (probably many were). All I really remembered was that Tracy Scoggins was some evil witch come back to bedevil folks in modern times.

Either I didn’t realize or remember that the series had been made for a gay television network. When I added it to my Netflix queue I was hoping to see some mediocre supernatural horror.

There’s a bit of that. There’s quite a bit more of good-looking guys making love. The latter of course is a very good and fine thing. (Though the pretty boy’s skin glistens so consistently it begins to be distracting - where can I buy such an amazing moisturizer?)

There’s so much of the hot and passionate that you wait forlornly to see the storyline - any of the subplots - advance. I watched half of the first DVD of Dante’s Cove and returned it to Netflix since the DVD is on the long wait list.

Given the nature of sexual desire I suspect anybody who is drawn to the looks of one of the guys is going to be happy enough. Though the sex was sort of like Cinemax for gay men. Very romantic but I didn’t wait around long enough for the inevitable complications. At least I hope there are some: this is a soap opera.

I could never recommend Dante’s Cove but would never warn anybody away from it as long as they know what they’ll be watching.

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