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I hope that you like myself have a deeper appreciation of the rich possibilities of queer culture in learning that there was once a magazine entitled Foreskin Quarterly. Admittedly this is a passionate issue for many gay men. That bit of flesh excites or repels them. And some of the circumcised have launched holy crusade to portray themselves as the victims of crippling abuse. I like mine but only because other guys liked it. That I could've coped with life's variegated problems without it I'm sure.

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Hi Richard, As you said, there once has even been … So I assume that it doesn’t exist anymore. I would have liked to have some back issues - my collection contains only two issues.

There also had been (1980ies) the UNCUT magazine. I can find nowwhere in the web any trace of that. Sure, it was addressed mainly at gay men, nice pics. at the beginning b/w, then parts in colour.

You might ask why as an European uncut man I’m so keen on that. I just wonder where the US maniac way to cut boys an important piece of their manhood off comes from. I still don’t have a clue. I guess religions might have intermingled and hebrew doctors just cut everybody … That is fine wiht me, but you have to struggle so much to get rid of this obession ?

crw (alias Carlos)

The magazines are available all the time on eBay.

Circumcision was promoted as a way to prevent male masturbation by American fundamentalists in the late 19th century when it was taught that wanking would lead to poor physical and mental health.

Thank you fr the information. I’ll try Amazone. Of course, in Europe the same “concerns” existed, but no one had such an idea. I’m frightened that it shuld become a remedy again against HIV infection …

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