Fun Down There?

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I guess the worst movie is one that doesnít even piss you off; one where your attention is on the timer as much as the screen. Fun Down There may be a case of ambition gone awry or aimless inability. The star who shares half the script credit is a boy from small town upper New York who goes to NYC to find sex. For seven days we find him meet people, get a job washing dishes and losing his virginity. Each segment is shapeless. It might have been an attempt to capture the merely quotidian. But it felt more like no one thought to move or engage the viewer. The one good bit was how much the lead laughed as his better educated friends talked to him about unfamiliar things. Iíve met a few people who do that to conceal a mix of bafflement and delight. Canít imagine . Fun Down There anyone other than historians of gay movies.

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