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Thereís no pretension that these entries are reviews. Mostly they help me remember what Iíve seen and what I thought of them. If I didnít record my responses to the gay movies Iím watching after years of not seeing any gay cinema Iíd forget and rent the movies again.

It is a nice way to spend time with Charles, the sweet, soft guy in my life.

Sadly, living here in Durham North Carolina thereís a small pool of gay movies for rent. And Iím too cash poor to buy them. Iíd like to see the Naked Civil Servant but thereís no copy to be rented.

When looking for reviews of gay films let me point you to a couple of sites:

All Movie Guide. For many gay movies you get a review and viewer comments.

TLA Video. They sell and produce gay movies. It was a surprise to discover how honest and unpartisan their gay movie reviews are. Amazingly free of the expected venality.

I'd greatly appreciate your leaving a comment (see below) letting me know what you favorite gay movies are. With luck you'll point me to something I've missed.


Some gay films I really enjoyed: Caravaggio and Edward II, by Derek Jarman. Historical reconstitutiosn with a contemporary militant bent. Torch Song Trilogy, I saw it when I was 19, how could I not love it? Gus Van Sant’s My Own Private Idaho. For the sweet non-relationship between the characters of Phoenix and Reeves, among other things. Happy Together, by Wong Kar Wai. A film about falling out of love, very well played and very well filmed, goes against what “gay films” usually show. The Wedding Banquet, a light but fun comedy. Krampack, a Spanish film about two young friends, one gay, one straight. Captures well the instability of adolescence. Jeffrey… mainly because I find Michael T. Weiss very, very, very hot. Love is the Devil, about the painter Francis Bacon and his relationship with his lover/model. Dark and very moody. I just saw Drift, by Quentin Lee, and I enjoyed it greatly. An original take on a breakup, it shows three independant parts where the characters behave in different ways. It’s well played and very non-melodramatic.

Well, there are others, but I’ll stop there :)

I really like Michael T. Weiss’s voice. I just saw Torch Song Trilogy a few months ago and liked it quite a bit. But I like Harvey Fierstein quite a bit. The multiple endings in Drift did not work for me. But I don’t want to get into blow-by-blow comparisons. Thanks for the suggestions of the movies I haven’t seen.

“Latter Days”.

Summary: It’s a movie about a Mormon missionary who travels to Los Angeles only to discover he’s gay and has the hots for his blatantly homosexual neighbor. He then has to deal with the Church and his family’s reactions, etc.

I personally used to be Mormon, but I am now a nonreligious lesbian. I saw the movie 2 times- once with my mom (who doesn’t know of my sexuality) and once with my girlfriend. It was easy to relate to due to my religious past and knowledge of the Mormon church.

Really adorable storyline. Slight ass nudity. Fun stuff.

Your feelings?

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Gay Themed
Gay movies, recommendations, reviews, TLA Video, All Movie Guide
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