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I own a comics shop (yeah, lucky me - the business isn't what it once was). As a queer man I'm happy to see new gay themed comics and an organization striving to publicize them. Books Do Furnish A Room will be ordering their guide, make sure your local comics shop does as well.

Prism Comics: Your LGBT Guide to Comics is the annual resource guide from Prism Comics, the premier nonprofit organization promoting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered comics creators and LGBT comics in general.

The annual guide is our largest project, and the one that we feel makes the biggest impact for LGBT creators. The guide features feature articles and interviews spotlighting talented artists and writers working in mainstream and alternative comics, as well as other news and humor features looking at comics from a queer perspective. This year, we're going one step further in promoting LGBT creators by including 50 pages of exclusive and preview comics from Donna Barr, Lynx Delirium, DeimosKris Dresen, Matt Fagan, Patrick Fillion, Tim Fish, Leanne Franson, Justin Hall, Gina Kamentsky, Robert Kirby, and Eric Shanower.

Prism Comics


I used to own a big comic book collection. Then I gave it to my brother many years ago. I recently subscribed through marvel to the daredevil… so I’m not totally out of the ballbark… it’s cool that you own a comic book store.

Where is it? Or maybe you don’t want us to know which is alright as well.

Books Do Furnish A Room is in Durham, NC.

I’m not worried about being find. I use my real name and anyone who looks across my weblogs can easily find out where I work.

Is there a great gay comic book series out there I can start reading? not comic strips..but comic books? Are there many? and if so, WHAT series would you consider the best? use your expertise…thanks a jillion!

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