How I spent 9/11

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Remembering Andy Warhol’s Bad being the most entertaining of the movies released with Warhol’s name stuck in the title it was one of the videos I rented to watch with Charles. I remember enjoying Trash as well but I don’t think Charles would. And I’ve never seen Flesh. Doubt if Charles would like that either so maybe I’ll fit it in sometime when he won’t be around.

Saw the new Warhol stamp. If there is an afterlife I’d like to think the great poseur is smirking. Eventually they’ll rework some old footage and have a commercial with him endorsing Campbell’s Soup.

Having introduced him to Paul Bartel’s Eating Raoul I also grabbed Scenes from the Class War in Beverly Hills. Funny bits here and there but it proved to be too unfocused a dramedy*

Roger Daltrey plays an evil gay record executive in Like It Is . It is a surprisingly engaging English soaper (I think that is what Malten calls them). I mention it mostly for the one of you I know likes gay romances with happy endings.

That is how we’re spending 9/11. Only three more rented titles to go.

* A word I’ve never used before or will again. Pity the American powers of coinage that could create dope fiend and redneck should be reduced to something so pathetic.

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