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When Charles and I were watching Raising Heroes (partnered gay couple trying to adopt a kid and in trouble with the mob) I was surprised that one of the chief characters was overweight and had facial hairs.

Guys in gay films I’ve been watching sort easily into:

  • Early twenties to thirties, insecure, often are looking for Mr. Right.
  • Self-pitying, in at least their early thirties, often has a receding hairline or bald spot. Sometimes leavened with irony.
  • Queens, sometimes in drag, usually catty.
  • Handsome, debonair lecher, often envied if only half-heartedly.
  • AIDS patient, occasionally avuncular.
  • Young fellow, just out, alternately temperamental and sweet.

Where are the heavyset, furry-faced men known as bears?

I guess they don’t conform to any contemporary notion of desirability. Are their any stars with the bear look?

The few cubs I’ve known have been drawn to bears because their appearance suggests strength and kindly maturity.

Seems like the bear, as the confidante consulted in times of confusion would be a handy stereotype.


guess the obvious person to answer your question is Al from Tim Allen’s comedy…

I like him…

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