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I have yet another weblog in the works. Really I'd like to keep Queer Pop Culture personal and resist the urge to link to gay popular culture articles on the web. My new website will focus on doing that.

Articles about gay musicians, comic books, movies. And both homophobic and gay friendly creators of popular culture.

If you've written something about a gay artist or some aspect of gay popular culture I'd appreciate it if you'd send me a link. I'm not worried about profundity. As long as it is more than a couple of paragraphs and it is an appreciation of gay creativity I'll welcome and be glad to post the link.

Silly, lowbrow, trashy is fine. I have no urge to do queer theory.

If you haven't written anything yourself but have seen a page you wish more would visit send me that URL.

Links about, say, Kylie Minogue aren't what I have in mind unless she collaborates with a gay musician or releases a gay positive single.


I have a website on queer history and queer meanings at www.queermap.com that I think would interest your readers. There is nothing to sell – the site was produced as a work of love for my community - also an invitation to others to contribute their ideas and information:

Here are a couple of reviews:

“Caffyn Kelley [is a] queer hero.… The information she has compiled is flipping homophobic stereotypes on their heads and building something new and powerful for the queer community.”

– Diane Claveau, “Beyond Ordinariness: Caffyn Kelley extols the differences between straight and gay,” XTRA West

“A fascinating and educational journey into all the meanings, myths and ideas that have gone into the creation of our flourishing queer culture.”

– Stephani Barber, “Off the Yahoo Map,” Girlfriends Magazine

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