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While people wait for QAF Season 4 to arrive this spring (as I read but can't remember where) here are a couple of Queer as folk Season 4 Promo clips to look at.

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omg- gueer as folk is by far most the best series i have ever watched. i wanted brian and justin to stay together they have such a history. and i love lindsay she is the hottest…. xena

when does season 4 start?

What is the music on the second promo called?

And oh dear god dont let that be HUNTER!!

Do you know the song thats corus goes “you’re gonna be scared of me”……It will be in the 4 show in the new season but I would like to get the track if you know it. Thanks

If anyone knows when season 4 starts, please send me an e-mail. newnickyd2003@aol.com. Its my favorite show. thanks

Hi everyone! If anyone could help me find the song at the end of the last episode of the second season (I’m french so i’m a bit late…), that would be great. It is the final one when all the band is at the club and Brian sees Justin leaving with Ethan. Thank u very much!

personally i am not gay but i must say that Queer as folk is my favorite show. my best friend just came out of the closet and he got me into the show. how did they come up with something as hot as this? !!! i cant wait for season 4.

I was talking with someone on the crew of QAF 4, and the reason that there are only 14 episodes is obviously to make sure that the stories don’t get too diluted so as to stretch them out.. but the main reason is Showtime’s concerns for cash. They’ve now got a policy that most of their “own” shows will only produce 13-14 episodes a year to keep within new budget restrictions. The extra cash saved from not doing so many other episodes on one show (new QAF episodes budget around $1 to $1.2 million per episode)means that they can develop other, newer shows, like the new lesbian-oriented drama “The L-Word”. You’ll notice that it too, in it’s first season, is only going to be 14 episodes.

I, along with others it seems, am looking for the name and artist of the track that appears at the end of the episode in which the character Brian’s father dies. (I think that’s the second series.) It’s the song playing as he casts the bowling ball down the street. If anyone could assist that would be great

that song is by badly drawn boy and it’s called ‘the shining’

I love QAF. I have watched the american version ever since I found it after watching the English version years a go I cant wait for season 4 maybe Brian will wake up and finally tell Justn he loves him!!but who knows maybe then Justin will have found some one else and it will all be Brian’s fault.

Please can someone tell me when Season 4 starts, I have looked everywhere? All I have seen is Spring, and that doesnt help much! I love QAF and can’t wait for it to start! Thanks a bunch!!!

Heyo I love QAF its the best show ever and this is the first time ive ever heard of season four, and if anyone knows when it starts that would be absolutle fantastic

Thanks, iyelli.

Can someone tell what the music/song is called in the 2 promo clip for season 4?

Hello Margaux, You were looking for the song title for the closing scene, second series. The artist is Bjork, and the title is “Human”. Cheers.

I’m a student at Seneca College (on the York Campus)… and today at school the Queer As Folk Crew was there filming! I saw some of the cast, it was sooo kewl :)

Anyways.. they were filming for Season 4.. so it’s under way, obviously. What exact date in the “spring” that it will premiere, no idea; but I also would love to know so I don’t miss it. (I’m sure we’ll hear about it soon) Take care all :)

does anybody know the song: i wonna be a cowboy (in the first series) and what’s it called? thx :)

The scene when Brian rolls the bowling ball down the street is from season one and its not even the end of the episode.

Speaking of songs…does anyone remember the title (and, by the way, the artist)of the one played at the very end of season 3’s episode 14, when they’re all dancing at the street?

i love q.a.s!!! it’s the best show ever!!!!! does anybody know some movies with the cast???? i would love to see some of their other work… can’t wait for season 4 bye


Season Four begins in April of 2004. the 18th in the US the 19th in Canada

of course my source could be wrong lol

:D can’t wait

HI , just wondering if any one knoes the song in that promo clip they did in Season 2. YOu knoe the one with the colorful light bulbs behind them and featuring each of them indiviually at first before putting them in couples and emmett was in this pink shirt and he jumps on ted, justin in blue think brian was in this REALLY SEXY red shirt….

In Dominican Republic a lot of friends (me included) are waiting for d season 4, can someone tell us when it starts…

The title of the song that is played at the very end of season 3’s episode 14, when they’re all dancing at the street is “True Faith” and the artist is “New order”

Hey Everyone, Im from Australia, and the show is HUGE over here I was just wondering can anyone tell me.. in the second promo when they walk down the stairs Justin’s hair is really long.. but by the end of the promo where they are all standing there his hair looks shorter then the first season.. or is it just my imagination??? Also.. whats the song in the background “work is baby”?? who sings that?

If someone can help.. that’d be awesome thanks. Quinny

can I be on the show call me

I will be bryans new man he can boan me all night long till we wake up i want to teach BRY him how to be nice and fall in love . Cause I am nasty untill treated like a man should!

sincerly the queer with a broken heart.

fell in love and got crushed!

Jason trevor brumfield 502036104867 mailing address plfag mom maragret Brumfield 6408 concord hill road louisville kentucky 40219 attention J’s Secretary and Mother !

If anybody needs any songs from any episodes they are posted on this awesome website i found a while back. hope this helps


I totally love Q.A.F. and I am so excited it is getting so big and getting so many loyal fans. Q.A.F. RULES!

Hi everyone from Australia

I was wondering if anybody knows the song when bryan and justing get back together after the “Ethan Inccident” the lyrics went “Here by my side an angel here by my side the devil never turn ya back on me”…….. i play that part of the episode over and over it is the best song it shows how much bryan really lloves justin it touched me so much.. thanks everyone

kadyn 21 from australia

Hey everyone. Being a huge fan of showtime and QAF, I saw the Promo number 2 and I’m trying to figure out who sings that song. Does anyone recognize that song? Let me know. Thanks

hi every1 im from aus and i really love qaf i try 2 never miss a eppisode.can ne1 tell me whre i coud find sum pics plez?

Kadyn - the “here by my side” song is called “Weapon” by Matthew Good.

I am an aussie straight girl who has got all my girlfriends in to the best show on telly today! I am so glad we have finally got series 3 underway here (yes we are a bit behind)!!!!!! I am hoping that we will be able to buy the series on DVD in shops soon because my taped episodes on video are going funny cos i keep watching them!! Does any one know of the series coming out on DVD in Australia!! The cast is great and the stories are great and I love this show!!! Goldie

Someone out there must know where this “work it baby” song from Promo 2 comes from surely!!

Im starting to think its just made for that ad.. if it is they should make an extended mix and release it.

I’m looking for that song (2nd promo clip) & looks like I’m not the only one. We’ll eventually find it, guys.

Well, I’ve looked everywhere for any info on that “mysterious season 4, 2nd clip promo” song, & I finally found the name of it on the Show Case board. Apparently it’s called “Thank You baby” by King Force, but I can’t confirm, since it’s almost impossible to find it. I have, however, found one file on Kazaa. It’s not available at the moment, but I’m going to keep trying. Hey, it’s easier now that I know the title.

What is the song name for the Season 4 promo, Clip 2…….. if ne one knows, email, chaseman6@hotmail.com

thanks, Chayse ^-^

Chayse, read my previous post.

Christ! The song’s nearly impossible to find.

Hey, does anybody know where i can find the Murk vs Krristine W. video”some Lovin’”? (from Season three)

Hi I’m wondering, do you know a site where I can download seasons 1 and 2???? thanx!!!!

If anyone finds a copy of “Thank You baby” could you send it to me? I can’t find it on Kazaa… opalcat@fathom.org

“I Wanna Be A Cowboy” is by Boys Don’t Cry

I’m seeking for Thank You Baby if someone has it please send it to me at bitter-end@o2.pl.


promo 2:

edonkey: King Force - Thank You Baby.mp3

but be aware: that song sucks ass.. it has so nothing of the feeling and power of the song they used for the promo.. even the “thank you baby” sounds a bit different.. plus all the 6 minutes of the song is sorrounded by some loosy trance or whatever beat.. im really disappointed

Season 4 Premieres April 18, 2004

how is that song from promo 3 called?

“You bring me heaven, time after time, you take my breath away”

i really WANT it :>

That song you’re looking for is by The Chemical Brothers “Let Forever Be”. That was the song playing when Brian was bowling after his father died. “Surrender” is the album to pick up, it’s great, worth the money. I hope that helps!!!

Thanks anyway, alldis. I guess it’s a remix then. People are making such a big deal (incl. myself), they’re going to have to release it. ;-)

hey i have been reading fanfiction and have heard alot about season 4 spoilers. but i do not know where to find them. if anyone know a website please please e-mail. falconchik06@yahoo.com

alldis, yer link to the song, Thank You Baby is broken, it doesnt work.. can you send it to me.. chaseman16@hotmail.com


does anyone know the name of th song at the end of episode 14 in the third season? (the celebratory scence out on liberty ave) ..thanks!

“The title of the song that is played at the very end of season 3’s episode 14, when they’re all dancing at the street is “True Faith” and the artist is “New order”

It was written above ;). Maybe we should stop poasting all about the music, we are taking over this guys page

He doesn’t mind. Write away.

The Pansexual Sodomite

I cannot find the song that is called..”here by my side”. I have like 1 minute of it…if anyone knows who sings it could you email me?? Please i am soo hooked on the song. Thanks everyone!! Oh and hey when does season 4 start anyways?? lol

Okay, the song with the “here by my side” lyrics is called “Weapon” and it’s by Mathew Good Band.

The last song of the season 4 promo what is it called.

Hi everyone I have been a QAF fan since the beginning. QAF is my favorite show and I cant wait for the 4th season to start. In january of 2002 I MET HAL SPARKS (MICHEAL), RANDY HARRISON(JUSTIN) and GALE HAROLD (BRIAN), at tower records in NYC where I live at their first season DVD signing. It was a great experience, I got pictures, autographs and they were down to earth really cool guys. This past sunday-3/7/04 in NJ I was at the 3rd season DVD signing in FYE at the quakerbridge mall and I met HAL SPARKS AGAIN, ROBERT GANT (BEN) and HARRIS ALLAN (HUNTER). If anyone wants to check out my pics with the folks my AOL screenname is JELLYASSJENN@AOL@aol.com or u could email me and ill send you them. This DVD signing was better then the first, i got to hug them, and pose in pictures with them. HAL SPARKS,ROBERT GANT, AND HARRIS ALLAN, were absolute sweethearts. The most embaressing thing happened to me, when I went to hug ROBERT GANT i spilled his starbucks coffee on him. I could not believe that happened i turned like bright red and apologized like so many times, he was really nice about it though. I believe in one of the comments someone was asking what the song was in the last episode of the second season, its called Human behaviour. that song is so awesome I have it. I love all the songs on QAF. Bye everyone if anyone has any questions or wants me to email them my pics of the folks email me at Jellyassjenn@aol.com

Hey everyone, I see everyone is asking and helping eachother out with songs. I have a song question from QAF. In the 1st season, the king of babylon episode, when Justin is telling the drag queen announcer hes ready to go on stage, hes like whispering in her ear, and all the guys are goin up to david and michaels ripping up their fone #’s, while all this is going on this HOT HOUSE SONG is playing like a GIRL SINGING “LALALA”, its been driving me nuts ever since i saw that episode, does anyone know the name of that song??????

Jennifer, consult this website, you’ll certainly find it here:


this song is driving me crazy! it’s from the season 4 promos

“You bring me heaven, time after time, you take my breath away”

does anybody know the song????

Thank you Elly4now.. Mwaaz!

Elly4now..This site is amazing,its exactly what ive been looking for. Thank you sooo much I really appreciate it =)

Not only did I get to see all the wonderful promos (thank you!), but now all the comments have helped to answer some music questions!

I have a question myself: In the Season 4 sneak peak there’s a song that plays throughout. At first I thought it was ‘I don’t want you’ by Wide Life, but when I listened closer I realized that it wasn’t. The dialogue masks the words, so if anyone has a clue to what it was, I would love to know.

Hi everyone. Just passin’ by I’d discovered your website. I’m thrilled! It has been a while I don’t hear anything about QAF… Probably because I’m BRAZILIAN… But yeah, I love QAF… The 3rd season has ended suddenly and since then, no more QAF for me :) But I will get all the infos here now!

And mail me! I´m a hot Brazilian Boy :)) Just kiddin Thanks

Just finished my first watching of QAF season 3, and every night I watched I found myself wanting to see yet another episode before going to sleep. It’s a great series, right from the very first episode of season 1. I must have seen season 1 & 2 four times at least and occasional episodes more often - especially the Brian & Justin dance at the prom. It’s the Brian & Justin story that I find the most emotionally touching. It’s crying stuff, and no other story line or relation is doing this to me. Brian is my absolute favorite - with Justin almost on par. Sure he’s an asshole but he’s also the most honest guy around, no pretences, no excuses, and totally comitted. The pain inside is showing through all the time and his relation with Justin is so moving. One thing especially I like is they do not pretend to be monogamous at all and are the most open about their sexuality. I think it’s an example they’re setting. And now it’s another year waiting for season 4 to be available on DVD :(

Does anybody know what’s the name of the actor who enter the season 4 and he appear in the pictures at the comic store next to Justin? thanks bye

Help, help, help! Have we gotten Julie’s question answered from post #61? I, too, want to find that song. The promo is currently on Showtime’s QAF site. The song runs for about the last 1/3 of the promo.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Finding this song has become a minor obsession of mine.

Season Four of the Showcase Original Series Queer As Folk begins Monday, April 19 at 10 p.m. ET/PT The third season ended with Brian (Gale Harold) $100,000 in debt after successfully curtailing the political aspirations of a homophobic mayoral candidate. Meanwhile, Melanie (Michelle Clunie ) and Lindsay (Thea Gill) prepared to have another baby, Ted (Scott Lowell) went into rehab, and Michael (Hal Sparks) left town with Hunter (Harris Allan) when the boy’s mother came to take him away from Ben (Robert Gant) and Michael. In the first episode of season four, Brian must give up the lavish lifestyle to which he’s grown accustomed; Michael and Hunter return to Pittsburgh for the custody hearing; and Emmett (Peter Paige) visits Ted in rehab. Over the course of this season, Ted struggles with life outside of rehab, Brian starts a new ad agency, Michael and Justin (Randy Harrison) receive an offer to turn their comic book into a live-action feature film, and Debbie (Sharon Gless) gets used to living alone when Vic (Jack Wetherall) moves out.

oh my god….i just saw the promo vid,seems like brian is serious with justin dis time…but towards the end when justin had on his crew cut and look like a thug….i din like that

On Wednsday, March 31, I attended the premiere party for QAF in New York at the Gramercy Park Hotel. All the cast, except Hal Sparks and the actor who plays Hunter were in attendance. It was a really nice party, and the cast was really enthusiatic about the upcoming season. We got to see sneak previews of upcoming episodes. It is going to be a really juicy season. I look forward to seeing more.


First of all its good to know that so many ppl out there love queer as folk as much as i do!!! its helped me understand theres nothing wrong with me being gay also gale and randy oh baby i could watch them go at it all night long :)

> All of these bloody ‘what song is this’ posts could be solved at this site:




Anybody know anything about Queer as folk the musical?

i love qaf and can’t wait for the next season thanx for all th great info i’ve been watching for forever.

I have been an extra on Q&F as many of my friends are and I love the show but do not like the way they treat there extras, in fact they are haveing a hard time finding a casting compny to take on the job….Most gay boys Here in Toronto where it is filmed would tell ya been there done that and not again thank you…. I was on Hmm not going to dig through the files but the one I was on I was there for 14 hours and got paid 7 something an hour now that’s bad if you ask me…..But hey We love our Q&F any way all be it that most Gay boys where its filmed will watch it but they wouldn’t be in it!

i want the ‘you bring me heaven… time after time song’ as well but it’s not on the princess of babylon site…

Right you are, “hmm.” Assuming that Drea knew the bloody song was on there, I took Drea’s bloody advice, and it bloody well wasn’t there.

So, I too, ask (again)…does anyone recognize the song/artist?

Hay all You think you have it bad, well im from the uk and the gits over here showed season 1 of queer as folk and then decided to chance to a net work that wont show it anymore. Thank god for kaaza other wise id have a brakedown because of brian withdrawel (i love him). Anyway i came across queer as folk about 2 years ago when i was flicking channels and my first reaction was, my my this show has some eye candy, who was to know the show is also very funny and moving. Im rooting for brian and justin all the way baby. P.S i wish Emmet was my best friend.

So this is being broadcast this Sunday is that right….SBS here in oz is just finishing up seies 3 (1 Episode to go)so I hope it just rolls onto series 4

Hay all When i first saw Queer as folk i did what any obsessed girl would do, i gathered my friends around so i could show them all the best show ever and naturaly they all loved it. End of story you would think but noooooo, my friends perents all caught them watching it and they have all been told they cant watch it any more (sad i know)my best friends perents even went as far as to say and i quote “You are not to watch that show i dont want you to get any ideas” Why in gods name? do people think that all it takes is a tv show and you will suddenly think i know ill try being gay this week it looks like fun. I mean come on i saw dumbo when i was five and never got the earge to be an elephant. My parents on the other hand love the show and my mum has got a thing for Ben. I have to say that i was a straght girl before i saw the show and im still a straght girl, come on people the show is amazing but it dont have THAT much power.

For all you fans looking for the “Thank you baby” song, by, apparently a band called King Force, this is for you. The woman singing this in the background is the same woman who sings “Everybody Dance Now” in C+C Music Factory. Her name is Loleatta Holloway. King Force samples thank you baby, from the songs “Love Sensation”, and “Ride on Time” by Black Box. I am searching through every damn song by them. I am thinking that maybe it’s mixed by someone else.

This is especially for Rui, the hot Brazilian guy, LOL! Hey, I’m Brazilian too, only a girl : ) It seems they moved the show from Cinemax to HBOPlus - which I don’t have, BTW sniff If we’re lucky here, we might get to see S4 around July. Anyways, go to www.queerasfolk-brasil.com and check the news there.

xoxo, milla

p.s.: also want to know about that promo song nobody seems to know anything about. Any news?

It’s been a little obsession with me too….

Yes, I am going crazy trying to find that song on the promos. I’ve seen the commercials while watching VH1’s special..

(…”heaven, time after time…”) It sounded like Prince, but that’s just a guess…anyone have anything substantial?

In other words, who knows the song/artist/band?!?

hey, does anyone know what channel it is? I’ve seen commercials on VH1, but it doesn’t tell what channel it’s gonna be on! and the new season’s startin tomorrow so,… if anyone could please help me out here!! thanks!

I am a huge fan of Queer As Folk. I live in Australia and desperately want to buy the seasons on DVD. Does anyone know if I buy I region 1 DVD, what does that mean? Will it still be viewable on my DVD player?? Any comments or information is greatly appreciated.


this is for Teilah What you need to do is have a look at your information on your dvd player and see if it is either multi reigen or a reigen 1 dvd player, if it is not then im afraid that it will not play reigen 1 dvds which is all queer as folk usa dvds come as (trust me im having the same problom). Reigen 1 dvds are the kind of format that films from the u.s. come in. Also note that if you need to have a reigen 1 dvd your t.v will also need to be compatable with reigen one. its a pain i know, anyway i hope that you lot in the u.s know how lucky you are :o) we poor slobs are suffering over here. Hope this is useful. (Uk girl)

Hey ya Folks… I saw that many people are asking about the song of the 2nd. promo the one thath says ” thank you baby ” … and I found it… the name of the song is ” RIDE ON TIME ” by Black box.. but is the remix…Hope that this information works…. c ya…

ps. I love Randy and Peter. ;)

In the second episode, if anyone knows what the song is that Emmitt dances to in Babylon at the end of the episode, please email me and let me know. Thank you, Jase vslavetopassionv@aol.com

i want the ‘you bring me heaven… time after time song’ as well but it’s not on the princess of babylon site…

Hey !!! slavetopassion that song is called “Mundian to bach ke” by Panjabi Mc….

c ya….

PS. I love Randy and Peter…..

You guys in Australia, France etc. think you’re behind? The BBC (yes, really) started showing Season 1 about two years ago, and stopped half way through. Nothing has been shown since then. Disgraceful! Fortunately, I have been able to buy all three season box sets from Play.com, and I am currently downloading series 4 episodes as they arrive (although these will be replaced when the S4 box set is released).

Show the show in the UK someone!! After all, we created the original.

Did anyone here that in season 4 Justin will die??? and what is that song called in the s4 promo?


i have a question. atfer the 4th episode they showed the preview for the 5th ep, what is the song they play on that. “the rain comes down and nothing lasts forever.” does anyone know tittle/artist?

Hay everyone Does anyone know the song that it played in Brians car as he drives Justin to school when he gets back from ibiza in episode 8 of season 4? Any help would be gladley received.

hey guys! i luv QAF! This show rules! just wanna say dat if any of u know any info about the sound track and about episode guides & spoilers pls post dem up :) Can’t wait to c what will happen wit bryan and justin…. i just hope they stay together and bryan would just say dat he luvs justin… ♥ by the way.. y must bryan have cancer :(!? damn i luv this show!!! ciao everyone Laurie xox (P.s. i myself am not gay, i have lots a friends though)

Howdy peoples I love this show so much!!! I came out to my parents recently and they said ive been watching to much queer as folk which is not true as i can never get enough queer as folk!!! If i couldnt download season 4 i dont think i could wait until next year when Australia gets seasson four.

Go Brian and Justin hubba hubba!!!!

Like Taylor asked earlier. the sone in the promo after epi. #5 on season 4 ‘the rain comes down, and nothing lasts forever’ does ANYone know what song this is, it has been driving me crazy trying to find it!

Anyone know how many episodes will be in series 4?

sea138 - Like Seasons 2 and 3, Showtime ordered only 14 episodes. Next year’s fifth season will likely continue this trend. I’ve read that a factor is financial cost.

Heya guys! I just wanted to know if that rumor of Justin dies in the end of season 4, is true? If it is. How? PLEASE I WANNA KNOW!

Hi, me again! What is the song called in the 3rd promo called? I nkow it goes something like this “…You Bring Me Heaven…Time After Time, Take my Breath away…” Please I LOVE that song! I want to know whats it called! HELP!!

for everyone looking for songs from the show a great site to look on would be www.princessofbabylon.com it has most of the songs from the past three seasons and is up to epi 10 in season four. hope this helps some of you guys out!

Hi all, I’ve been a QAF fan since the series started running on Showtime and haven’t missed one episode. If anyone would like to see some clips of the show from season 1 through 4, you can find them here…


Heya guys! I just wanted to know if that rumor of Justin dies in the end of season 4, is true? If it is. How? PLEASE I WANNA KNOW!

Hi, me again! What is the song called in the 3rd promo called? I nkow it goes something like this “…You Bring Me Heaven…Time After Time, Take my Breath away…” Please I LOVE that song! I want to know whats it called! HELP!!

Im Chinese,in Beijing China,i love the QAF very much,neally every my friend love it very much,i really wai to see the season 4 and 5,6…. i love micky and his lovely mama.

at the begining i dont like Emmet,he is too CC,but later i found he is really lovely,without him,the show will be very big diffrent,he always very gayo,cloths,poses,personality…… actruly i hope Brian and Micky can have sex,the love each ,kiss offen , but never do that,really pity.Hope to see the hot sex betwwen them!!!

I can’t wait !!! come on!!!

does anyone know the song that plays for the season 4 promo as they are walking down the stairs, through a club or something, if anyone knows the song could you post it on here that would be great! thanx.

I also fell in love with the song in promo after episode 5 (…and nothing lasts forever…). Please, if someone knows the song, tell us who is the artist and the title of the song! Thanks! :)

Does anyone know when season 4 comes out on DVD?

I think that the show rocks i feel that a bit more anatomy must be seen but i strongly earge non viewers to watch it. You don’t have to be gay to watch Queer As Folk. It is just like you are not gay but yet watch Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Love the show i think more of threesomes and more things like that

But really love the show and it is just great!

I can’t believe the fact that hundreds (and I mean that literally, because this quest is pretty popular in the qaf fandom) of fans- myself included- haven’t been able to find the mystery song from promo 3, the whole ‘Bring me Heaven’ fiasco. Is there a QaF department we can contact? We should sign a darn petition or something….


hi every one… QAF4 should be starting on sbs on the 1st of November….

I think queer as folk is an awesome show. I started watching some reruns not to long ago and i just fell in love with it i think all the guys are hot as hell. At one point i felt weird for watching it mostly because its about gay people and im straight and im having a baby, but i just cant not watch it. Im putting the dvd seasons on my christmas list because i wanna watch every episode from the beginning i cant wait. I was also wondering if anyone else thought that brian and michael would get together at some point in the fifth season, i mean micheal is like in love. I think it would make it an even better season.

Here’s one…I just finished the Season one DVD and I am officially addicted! I need to find the song played in the Season Two Sneak Preview! It’s so high energy and I love it! I don’t think it’s on any of the soundtracks.

I LOVE QAF!!! I have the first three seasons on DVD and have seriously watched every episode probably 4 or 5 times!! Does anyone know when Season 4 will be released on DVD??? I’m actually studying in europe right now so theres no way for me to watch it but would LOVE to find out when I can buy it!!

I am dying to find out more info that was used in QasF “you bring me heaven……..” I’ve seen couple of responses saying it’s by King Force - Thank you Baby. But I found a place to sample a few second of it and it doesn’t sound like it… Someone please help.

the song you might be looking for might be ” Take Me To Heaven - Paul Goodyear feat. Shauna Jensen”

I guess the original link to teh promos is no longer available, anybody has these promos? I want to download them but I don’t know where. Please email me i fyou have them! THANKS! shychic94112@yahoo.com

I love this show and would like to see more to come. the cast is very hot and sexy. the most gayest show I have ever seen. there should be more gay shows like this one.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Queer as folk season 4 promos.

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Other Entries

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