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Heterosexual women have always been Queer Eye for the Straight Guy's biggest fans.

After earning a pop-culture ovation for "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," Bravo is ready for its encore: a female spinoff. In "Queer Eye for the Straight Girl," a new group of gay male fashion and style experts will assist a heterosexual woman.

"It's the most-asked question I get: 'When are you going to do one for women?' We are answering that call," Bravo president Jeff Gaspin says.

"Straight Girl," scheduled for early next year, hasn't been cast yet, but Gaspin says it may have two fewer advisers than the original Fab Five, leaving room for guest experts, including celebrities.

'Straight Girl' gets OK from Bravo


“Queer Eye For The Staight Gal” is an excellent idea. I love the original show, and I know I will love the spin off. I am a heterosexual woman as well as an economics student, a single mother of three a full time employee at a health food store, and I have my own mail order store “Genevas Palace”. I sell home decorating ideas.

That being said; I am currently trying to decorate my house in a retro 70’s style. I’m BUMMED!!! my mind is at a blank. I don’t know the first thing to do. I’m 29 years old and my life is devoted to the funk/soul music of the 70’s. It is the only music I listen to and I often wear the fashions of the 70’s. However, HELP!!!! I need Ideas or a point in the right direction. Your help would be appreciated. My email address is enclosed.

Thank you Brandi Byas

email: genevaspalace@charter.net

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