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Thinking about marketing to gay people (we’re such a wonderfully homogenous group: aesthetes, truckers, accountants) reminded me of something that came to mind a couple of years ago:

Spam directed at gay men or women (two hugely distinct subcultures when they aren’t largely heteronormative).

One day I got a gay themed spam email. But never since.

Just as I’ve been long surprised that I haven’t been flooded with breast enlargement spam. Surely given the amount of money spent by women enlarging their mammary glands there’s a good spam market for inert herbal tablets promising Bigger Boobs in 30 Days or Your Money Back! (If you and the FTC can track us down.)

This came to mind also because irregularly over the year I get spam at worked aimed at me as someone in the book trade. Someone is extracting ‘book’ from the domain name and trying to fool me into revealing passwords related to how I make my daily bread.

It isn’t as if I’m hungry for spam from a “young college hunk” near me. (Would be a variation on my favorite spam when “nearby coeds” boasted that “we gave Santa a hardon” - one of the few spam emails that left me laughing out loud.)

Maybe such narrowcast spam will be part of Web 3.0.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Queer Spam?.

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