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A few days ago I rented Beefcake. Or thought I did. At home I found Iíd been given Shooting Porn. Since Iíd thought about watching the latter I wasnít upset.

Shooting Porn is a documentary on the gay porn biz. Mostly it is clips from interviews with gay porn stars and directors. Unless you are very naÔve, the film is empty of surprises. Thereís lots of boring prep: shaving your ass, shaving your cock so itíll look bigger (although the people who used to IM me wanted me to shave their cock as a form of humiliation). The bottoms having to give themselves enemas so the topís cock wonít show any shit.

Iíve never watched more than a few minutes of a gay porn movie. Without being able to predict the details I knew the quotidian matters would be pedestrian. No surprise that first timers have problems summoning up that all-important erection.

Most interestingly from a director working for what was uselessly described as a Ďbig companyí was learning that when he was working for them he couldnít allow his actors to say things like ďSuck that cock,Ē slap an ass or use Baby Jesusí name in vain. Gay porn without force or irreligion. Top or bottom, the inability to speak forcefully has to be missed. Is there a bottom that doesnít enjoy aggression? (Well, OK, there are plenty. But Iíd hope that guys watching a porno movie arenít watching for scenes of candlelit dinners or whatever clichťd romantic rubbish might theyíve learned from the Lifetime channel.)

Shooting Porn bored Charles. I stopped the tape so I could curl up next to him while he drifted off. Iíd planned to finish the tape but never did. Much of the power in mass-market entertainment is in the hands of the producers and distributors. As unnamed sources they might talk for to a writer but not to a poor documentary filmmaker. Any work pretending to study the mechanics of gay pornography isnít complete without the men with monetary power.

Watched part of Beefcake today. The trailer Iíd seen made it seem much funnier. Not a fan of the Athletic Model Guild Iím interested in early gay erotica. Parts of the movie are clips of the original movies and pictures. Much of it is imagined Ďdocudrama.í You switch back and forth between interviews with models and photographers and imagined scenes with the entrepreneur and his mom. Too fractured, you couldnít help but smile at the old clips but the attempt at recreating the porn entrepreneurís days was a weak sitcom.

Some of the snippets from interviews the guys who worked for Athletic Model Guild are a waste. It was interesting to see Joe Dallesdandro a little older than the last time I saw him (he had a recurring role in a TV show whose title Iíve forgotten). But his contributions didnít rise above ďDuh.Ē

Sometimes when I watch a conventional old movie I canít help but reflect on how the ideals of body beauty have changed. Many of the women in the old movies have thicker waists. Male muscularity has shifted sharply. Athletic men of the 1950s didnít have access to steroids and erogenic aids. They look skinny compared to the bodybuilders who began to emerge in the late 60s as anabolic hormones became available. Like more conventional technology diet, improved anabolics, diuretics, weightlifting and coaching evolved beyond the naÔve days. The bodybuilder of today has huge hams hanging off his shoulder. The weightlifters of earlier days were lucky.

Erotically there wasnít much for me in Beefcake. There was one pretty face dressed up as an angel. The fluffy wings made a neat accessory.

As with Shooting Porn Charles went to bed, I meant to finish Beefcake but never returned to it.

My interest in early male homoerotic artifacts hasnít abated. I canít escape the notion there are amusing objects and absorbing stories Iíve yet to encounter. URLs always welcome.


just a note to let you know that AMG is back to shipping product. with Bob Mizer’s collection largely intact, we can help anyone looking to find just the right vintage photo or film. cheers df

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