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Slutty Summer was the last gay film I got from Netflix.

I do wish writer/director/stars of low budget gay films could resist the urge to cast very attractive actors.

I don’t really begrudge them this but it is always so obvious. Especially when the auteur isn’t nearly as good looking. Not that I found any faults with Casper Andreas’s looks.

Our story begins - like so many - with our hero having broken up with his long-term partner.

Andreas does commit the grievous sin of looking too damned serious about it all as he decided that promiscuity - of a vague and limited sort - is what he needs. Lots of us have made the transition without shallow emulations of cerebration (pretentious diction intentional).

His friends: the cute (maybe younger) idealistic guy. Who isn’t really that idealistic since aside from having every desirable human quality must have a hottie as well. The stereotypically gay “whore” (my own favorite). And the male model (!) who turns out to probably be true love after, well, after: not a hell of a lot.

Much better cinematography than most of these things. You don’t flinch. Happy ending naturally. But I just couldn’t give a damn.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Slutty Bummer.

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