The Fluffer

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The Fluffer's box was every where gay movies are advertised on the web. So I grabbed the box the first time I saw it in VisArt (a small chain here in Durham, our only alternative to Blockbuster).

A fluffer is someone who massages a porn stars penis to make it fluff up. A job many would delightly pay to perform.

The fluffer in The Fluffer is a small town boy who moves to LA, get a job with the porno company that makes movies starring his favorite porn star.

The actor besides being 'gay for pay' is a louse. You know there isn't going to be a happy ending. The story is well told, the pace keeps up. When the porn star accidentally kills a man our young protagonist flees with him to Mexico. Their first night there the hunk steals the fluffer's money and leaves.

The poor saps heads back to the US, hopefully a little wiser.

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