The Journey of Jared Price

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The Journey of Jared Price starts when the blonde twink moves from Georgia to Los Angeles. Having moved from Savannah to Atlanta and then to other big cities I couldnít help but smile during the first few minutes as Jared found a place to live and a job.

Some of the sex scenes were enjoyable. And Andrew, the gay man in a gay marriage gone wrong was nice to look at. At one point Jared bitches that Matthew, the half of the partnership whose going wrong, has never bothered to know what Jared wants.

My bitch is that we never know why Jared was in the closet or came out of it. And the happy ending canít convince anybody. Happy endings donít have to be plausible. Back in the 1930s Jimmy Stewart got involved with the least likely women. But his own lyrical conviction carried us away along with him.


ok.. who is the high school freshman who wrote that line of crap.. i don’t know much about writing.. but i do know about feelings.. and.. if he who cares.. know one reads this drivel anyway.. i am just typing.. cause i am super stoned.. and.. i like reading…

Unlike Mr. Stoned here, I actually liked the movie. The acting could have been better but the story was great. You could really get into it and relate to the different characters. I wish they had shown a little more at the end with the two lovers but oh well.

Your feelings?

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