The Simpsons' gay marriage

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An upcoming episode of The Simpsons will feature a gay marriage and the official outing of one of the characters.

While the evidence may point to Waylon Smithers, slathering lackey to billionaire Montgomery Burns, the producers warned against rushing to judgment.

Scandal in Springfield: For a gay old time, Bedrock has nothing on 'The Simpsons' hometown

Not sure why they put a Flintsones reference in the article title.

But another school of thought considers one of Marge Simpson's chain-smoking sisters Selma and Patty to be the future Mrs. of a Mrs.

The biological basis of the incest taboo is irrelevant in same-sex marriages.

Simpsons' Gay Wedding


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The gay old time reference to the Flintstones was referring to the theme song… “Have a yabbadabbadoo time, a dabbadoo time We’ll have a gay old time.” Yep :).

Probably because I’ve heard the Flinstones theme song thousands of times since the night it premiered “gay old time” never registered.


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The Simpsons' gay marriage
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