Trust Fund Boys

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Sometime back I wrote about Rob Byrne's The Night We Met. His response to my comments was very kind so I want to wish him the best success with Trust Fund Boys.


Belated thanks for your kind words, Richard. I appreciate them (and the plug, too!)

Rob Byrne’s book was handed to me in Provincetown by a friend who had read it in 1 day [an accomplishment during a ptown summer]. I read it in 3 [I succumb to the diversions of Ptown]. Byrne develops his characters and plot in an unpredictable manner. These are people you know, from the troop of Hampton boys to the character Jamie Brock, you want to hate him, not return his calls and well, you know, you just can’t. I read this book during a periond of great personal challenge and Byrne depicts a believable similar scenario for the main character. This book deserves a read, is all too familiar and is excellent!

Your feelings?

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