Under One Roof

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I'd meant to mention Under One Roof earlier. I'll just quote TLA Video's summary:

An erotic romance about an adorable, closeted Chinese-American guy who falls in love with his mother's new tenant. Daniel (Wong) is a gay Chinese-American twenty-something who lives with his mother and grandmother in San Francisco. He is out to his friends, but certainly not to his mother, who is always trying to set him up with women. He keeps his life compartmentalized until a handsome gay man Robert (Marks) moves in downstairs. They flirt with each other, and Robert comes onto Daniel only to be rebuffed. Inevitably, they end up in the sack, and a tenuous relationship is formed. Their happiness is hampered by Daniel's wariness of a connection so close to home, with his meddling mom always around.

To my taste it was too sappy, happy. Charles loved it. If you like happy endings you probably will as well. And it probably has special meaning to Asian-American gay men who come from very traditional families.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Under One Roof.

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Under One Roof
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