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The rentboy on the cover of Lights Out, Little Hustler looks as if he should just tumble off into space. With books like these you can't be sure the cover art was commissioned for the book it was eventually published on. To be fair I'm not sure what other sorts of titles for which a nude young man sitting in the window might be appropriate.

Vintage gay paperback Lights Out Little Hustler

Really lousy painting isn't it? True of many old gay paperbacks, though the line drawings were often handsome. Often I regretted that gay erotica has only photo cover anymore but wouldn't wish this sort of muddy impressionism on any author.

Another gripping Dick Dale read. Looks like it could be the cover of an old Disney Whitman book. Or the cover of So You Want to be An Insurance Agent? That this slender young fellow was hustling muscle shows how ideas of male body types have changed over the last thirty years. The first several times I looked at this cover I thought the youth was working in towns with two kinds of sin but finally realize his entrepreneurship was limited to two sinful towns.

Vintage gay paperback Callboy

As I wrote sometime back I used to be a provider of appetizing young love for sale.

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