Was Jim Morrison bisexual?

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I was pricing a couple of Jim Morrison books in my used bookshop this morning. Looking at the pictures as I sometimes do to try to capture a sense of Morrison's famed sex appeal all I could think is his eyes are dull, something about him reminds me of an ape.

Young gay men probably go Jim Who? Back in the day he was as big a male music sex icon as, say, Robbie Williams is today. Presumably the gay guys wanted him as much as the women.

Here's a little morsel for their fantasies.

Controversial rock biographer Stephen Davis insists he has conclusive proof that Jim Morrison was bisexual - and he's revealing all in a new book about the tragic rock icon.

Author tackles Jim Morrison's 'bisexuality'


Jim Morrison was certainly straight as the day is long. Yet I’m sure that he’d be advertursome with the boys given the proper leverage.

Jim’s eyes were never dull, I think that was the world around him.

Jim was bisexual. My lover, Jean-Paul DeVellard wrote about it in the last issue of Out Magazine some years back. The article was also picked up in Europe in Manner Aktuel and other magazines. They spent about a year together on & off. Another of Jim’s beaus also wrote a book. Incidentally, all proceeds of the articles were donated to charity as the reason for “outing” Jim were to counter the mistruths about him that were spread starting with the Oliver Stone film “The Doors”. (Stone removes all positive references to Gay in any of his “historical” films. Most notably “Midnight Express” and “The Doors”.) His fellow band members have never flinched or denied his relationships with men. No real news here. I strongly disagree that his eyes were dull. Anything but.

Jim was straight. However, he probably had sexual affairs with a couple of guys. Big deal. People need to get past his sexual past and look at his talent as a poet.

Gay people thinks everyone is gay, or at least wish everyone is gay, so….

There are lots of straight people who don’t want to think their heroes are gay as if that would somehow make them less.

I am not gay, but I will post here if it is ok….I read an article about Jim Morrison, and one of his close friends says that HE WAS NOT GAY. He said he had several girlfriends who he fought for and he always loved women strip shows and stuff like that….Porn I guess. He may have had homosexual feelings (Which is normal for ANYONE), but as for being a all out homosexual, I doubt it……

It was 4. who could distinguish between being gay and bisexual.

Bisexuality comes in a huge spectrum. Some people have only a slight inclination toward the same or opposite sex, others like them both about equally.

The number of close friends who never knew that someone they were close to was gay or bisexual is enormous. Bisexual people having a large investment in their straight friends and relationships have often been even more closeted than wholly gay men.

The response of Morrison’s admirers is really more interesting than in the dead pop singer’s sexuality.

Sagittarious people are like to experiment.Jim Morrison was curious for everything.Why not for sex?I was born the same date with him and somehow I know the man.What would change to his legend if he was,gay?You would ignore his poetry?You would lie to yourself.Do you think that he really gay?I think that is funny anyway,but if he was,so what?It s upposed that we live in progressed society.My grandmother been more liberated.

Your feelings?

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Was Jim Morrison bisexual?
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