When Boys Fly: White Party, Miami (2000)

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Iíd hoped that When Boys Flys* would be sexier, livelier, more amusing.

A group of gay guys head off for a circuit party. One is reserved, another a party boy. A couple are older: one lonely in a way that terrorizes all gay men. The other has luck with young boys. The young and pretty ones are more romantic and tender than the older man who is a bit of whore and hurts their feelings.

Ecstasy and other contemporary party drugs are copiously consumed. Naturally out attention is brought to the guys who abuse or canít handle their drugs.

Most of the guys who attend circuit parties wind up fucking and sucking other guys. That was weirdly glossed over. Youíd think most men went to circuit parties to talk, get their feelings hurt. And dance, yes, dance. But not to have sex.

The box gives you the impression the story lasts two hours. The video case implies that it is two one hour episodes. The second half of the tape is mostly tepid commentary on the first. It is a little self-congratulatory, tepid.

The impression I had was that circuit parties are just short-lived giant gay discos. Probably close enough. Sex, liquor, dancing, drugs and gay sex havenít changed that much since the happy days after Stonewall (OK, you have to wear condoms now).

But When Boys Fly didnít take me aloft or engage my libido or my brain.

* As the video but not the box put it.


Hy my name is Stefan from Austria and i would like informations about this circuit party in miami. Was that the last party or are there any more and when yes could you give me the adress of this hotel and could you tell me when starts the next party because i saw the film and i was such amazed about it and i really want to visit this party but i donīt know when and where it starts. So it would be a pleasure for me to get there. Please help me. Thanks a lot Stefan P.S: It would be cool if you make more films like this, It is really great.


Hy boys and girls!

I was really amused watsching the film, when boys fly and i want to ask you about when the next cicuit party or white party will start and i mean exactly this party from the film. It would be a pleasure for me to get much information for this party ( when and where it starts). Please write back soon because i cannot wait, itīs to eccited for me. PLease!!

Thanks a lot already now Kiss and Greetings from Austria


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When Boys Fly: White Party, Miami (2000)
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