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I ignored Will & Grace when it appeared. Gay sitcom - {shrug} - sitcoms are stupid: that sums up my response.

A couple of years later I was in Raleigh getting to know Charles. He was a regular viewer. I think it was the story of Will's discovering he's gay. It was a decent story. And, no surprise for my love for the stereotypical gay men that straight gays despise - I was greatly taken with Jack. (Opinion later revised because it seems as if Jack has finally become too much of a cartoon even for me.)

I've grown increasingly weary of Will & Grace. I'd hoped the introduction of Harry Connick, whose proven a surprisingly good actor in a couple of movies, would enliven the show. But Harry is rarely there and the Grace character appears to be on stupid pills. Her increasing superficiality leaves steadily becoming harder to distinguish from Karen and Jack.

Since Will & Grace has become a lover's tradition for the two of us (I don't care what you think) I'll be watching the new season.

I don't know who Dylan McDermott is. But I hope having him become Will's steady will be the source of a few fresh storylines. I fear we'll be overexposed to Will's insecurities. Maybe when Frasier ends they'll hire Joe Keenan to be the story editor.

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Dylan McDermott was one of the main actors in “Three to Tango” with Neve Campbell and Matthew Perry! - Just for info -

It was sad that there was no continue with Barry. With beard he looks awful but in episode 16 - Bye Bye Beardy - without the hair in his face, he was (like Grace said it) HOT ! ! !

It was a shame that the writers had ended it that way, as we all have seen it.

For short stories I would prefer actor’s like: - Matthew McConaughey - Rupert Everett (Will with an older guy could be attractive…) - David “Baywatch Cody” Chokachi - David “Baywatch Matt” Charvet - Kelly Slater - Michael Bergin but also Michael T. Weiss (Pretender) would be cool

and for long-term relationship: - ?

I already had some more spooky ideas:

A one-night-stand with: Jean-Claude Van Damme - HAHAHAHA ;-)

BUT an other plot would be cool too: Connor Trinneer - Trip Tucker from Enterprise or Anthony Montgomery - Helm Officer at Enterpirise

an other character could be: - Chris O’Donnell (Batman’s Robin) - Mark Wahlberg (Planet of the Apes) - Benjamin Bratt (Miss Undercover) - Heath Ledger - Till Schweiger (Driven) - Ben Affleck

will be continued…

I think dylan is so hot

I Believe Dylan McDermott is sexy as can be!! Those mysterious eyes and that serious look are extremely sexy. I think the show should include another sexy star ie Brad Pitt Matt Dameon or Harry Connick Jr was very good!! The show needs some phazz to its story lines!!!

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