Women lust after Neil Tennant

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A special greetings to those of you coming from the Pet Shop Boys forum. -Richard (aka Pansexual Sodomite).

10: Thou shalt get a stalker
Neil: It's weird, but I still get women pursuing me. There were the stalkers that came to marry me: one from Germany, one from Poland. And I had this one English girl, outside my house with her mum. I told her to go away and her mum was so rude: 'Yes, I heard you didn't really like girls' - when she was practically selling me her daughter! And then there was the girl who tied a balloon to my house, every day, five days a week, for six months. Big helium balloons on my railings.

Mirada Sawyer interviews Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe in The Observer: The Pet Shop Boys' Commandments

Although I didn't mention Tennant, his voice does fit into my idea of What is sexy music?


Neil Tennant is sexy. He can make a girl crazy. He is just so sexy. I would do the same thing if I lived near him well, maybe not because I would want to keep my cool.

Neil Tennant is awesome. I had the biggest crush on him when I was about 16, and I still love him 15 years later. His voice has the incredible ability to soothe, and the man himself is too sexy for words.

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Women lust after Neil Tennant
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