Return of the Carbon Dioxide Kid

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My ignorance of biology is vast.

Nurses are sometimes astonished, even frightened by my low blood pressure and the small amount of oxygen in my blood. Two doctors have said it was hard to believe that I was awake and able to talk.

I have an unnatural tolerance for carbon dioxide in my system. My ignorance of biochemistry is vast. But I have a theory.

Not quite two years ago I started sleeping upright. I literally used the couch as my bed. I think it was an unconscious response of the increased difficultly I was having sleeping. That became much worse when I lay flat.

Had I been on my back I might have died. My lungs being kept comparatively empty of the CO2 by being upright my tolerance was able to increase instead.

I’d rather be from the planet Krypton.


between this and the heart trouble this really really sounds like you could benefit from a sleep study

btw we need carbon dioxide when it gets to a certain level it’s suppose to tell your brain hey we need to take a breath. So yeah, tolerance is not such a good thing.

Iím having a sleep study next month.

One of the things I learned at the cardiology clinic is that my body makes its own carbon dioxide further complicating it all.

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Return of the Carbon Dioxide Kid
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