A naked young man in a straw hat

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I've always been glad my involvement with the 1950s was minimal. While I sometimes post photos from the days of the Athletic Model Guild it is for their historic or curiosity value. But the photograph of a naked young man in the straw hat looking at himself in a mirror is sort of charming, a little puzzling as well. Is the boy seeking to adjust the hat for a certain look or just wondering how silly it makes him seem. And the photographer, was he hoping to suggest carefree island life or doing his best to arrive at a new way of presenting a nude youth.

Nude model with straw hat


This image strikes me as inspired by Rockwell. The boy is unselfconscious of his nakedness or the learning eyes that undress what little he still has on. Yet it is that innocence that makes him such a powerful sex symbol as men dream of both protecting and dominating him.

I love the prestine gloss to his skin, he has this flawless youth that run seemlessly from head to toe.

He also looks to be prestine in nature also, this is a good example of how nudity can be view both as pure and innocent yet ripe and vulnerable

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Pansexual Sodomite
A naked young man in a straw hat
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