Candy Tangerine Bimbos

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As I’ve said since Alex and I split-up my sexuality has been jerking me about in odd ways. I find myself becoming transitorily fixated on the least likely things and people.

The Landers sisters were pure blonde, candy-coated bimbos whose popularity peaked in the 1980s. Mostly they worked in television but they had bit parts in movies as well. Somehow they balanced seeming both cheap and available with purity - they weren’t really bad girls.

Sexy sisters in lingerie

And in their parts they often exerted that most terrifying of feminine super powers: making a man feel that he was strong and desirable.

Sexy sisters pictorial

Really they weren’t that beautiful in an objective sense. But their looks, gestures and the contours of their clothing were full of sex.

Actually at the time I don’t think I gave them a moment’s thought. Now, years later I found myself looking for photographs of them and I don’t really know why.

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Candy Tangerine Bimbos
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