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On and off for years I've chased after early images of gay guys, preferably drawings or paintings that depict gay men in a stereotypical fashion (because the strutting sassy real life stereotypical gay guys do things to me that the butch men don't). With pathetic luck.

The Advocate originated as a fat tabloid that made most of its money from personal ads. I'd remembered a regular artist who signed his work "Toby" and looked to find a few of his drawings. All I remembered was that he drew the kind of slender young blonde that was my own passion back then.

Patience and perseverance aren't always rewarded but they serve better than lazy hope. Recently I found one old drawing and learned his name is Toby Bluth.

Toby Bluth cartoon

Don't remember his drawings ordinarily having a bondage theme but I do recognize the curve of the buttocks. The boy looks awfully young now. When I was a young man I liked younger guys (foolishly not thinking of the possibly frightening legal consequences). Luckily I outgrew that.

Trying to read between the lines of Google searches I had the impression that he'd immigrated to Israel or died (or both). Turns out Toby became an illustrator of children's books.

Drawing of a boy

I wonder if that gentle bulge in front has ever given a librarian or parent a moment's pause. Aside from the pleasure his old drawings gave me I don't know anything about Toby Bluth. I'm glad that he went on to prosper.


yeah me again =P It’s funny to find stuff you liked when you were younger and see it through a grown-up’s eyes (or, slightly older eyes, as I don’t feel particularly grown up). I had a very similar experience with two cartoons I loved when I was younger and was sadly disappointed to find that the only really gorgeous people in them had morphed in my brain, the shows themselves leaving much to be desired… But then again, I’m certain if I watch the shows I’ll see it again as I’ve been known to see beauty in blocky pixels, if given the motivation.

But those pictures are kind of cute, in a way. And the bulge is doubtfully something a child would notice. In one of my favourite books as a child there’s a picture of two naked boys, where one of them actually has exposed genitals and nobody thought anything of it as it was just very natural ^_^

I grew up reading comic books. When I rediscovered them years later it was a shock to see that some of the most fondly remembered had the worst art.

Probably there are young readers of Toby’s kids books who felt a response they weren’t aware of. I was very unaware sexually when young and only discovered cues that I was responding to much later.

awwww. those pics are so cute!!! i do like the bondage theme, though, Sir. i mean, don’t you think that the idea of a boy being tied down by a man and then ravished is very erotic? And those look like MY jeans he is wearing… hah hah! hugs jimmy


I didn’t object to the bondage theme. Just didn’t remember Toby doing that because most of what I saw by him was in the old Advocate back when it was a big fat newspaper. A friend later sent me a couple pictures that reminded me of a story Toby did where one of his little snub-nosed boys found him the sex slave of a tribe of very demanding Native American men.

I’m all in favor of seeing silly boys bound, gagged and put in their place before being allowed to please.

Dear Richard, Actually, i was agreeing with You, Sir… i assumed that You would like the bondage theme. Do You know where i could find more pics by Toby, and also the stories? Those pics of his are sooooooooooo hot!! Now, if i can only find that Native American tribe he was writing about….. i wonder if they are still around, and if they like little white andro boys…….

Is this book cover from the same artist??

Hello all. I came across this discussion of the incredibly talented Toby Bluth and felt I could add some information as to his whereabouts, what he has done and is up to these days.

First off…Toby Bluth’s artwork has always caught my eye, and I too fell in love with the line and style of his drawings after they were presented in several issues of the original “After Dark” magazine in the late 70’s to mid 80’s.

He’s alive and creating still to this very day. His work most recently has been seen as he Directed/Designed the Disney film-“The Tigger Movie” as well as MGM’s “Babes In Toyland” among others. He has also worked with his brother Don in various studios on films like “Anastasia”. He has also designed a number of stage productions including “Babes in Toyland” and “The Fantastics” among many others. He has created a good number of children’s books such as “Babes in Toyland”,(a story that has proven to be a running source for artistic expression in his life) as well as “Tenderfoot Buddies” and more.

More interesting is that as of Monday July 19th, 2004, a new animation studio opens shop with Toby majorly involved. It’s called CAATS Studio: Classic Animation & Advanced Technology.

To find out more on this new studio and about Toby, please follow the link below. Hope this helps shed more light on and shares the magic that is the Toby mystique.

I’m delighted to hear that Toby is prospering.

Dear Richard, I just came across your site while looking up Toby things. As an older gay man in Depoe Bay, OR. I am all too familiar with his work from the Advocate. I have some of his original work in my own collection including a book on gay astrology that he illustrated. I was fortunate enough to meet him years ago when a friend worked on his production of Babes in Toyland. He invited me to his studio behind his home and we gave each other gifts of art and he signed a few of his books for me. It’s a memory I will always cherish.

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