Gay women in love

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Gay women in love

Funnily enough, oddly, surprisingly even on my old Live Journal I had more women readers than men. Notably more gay women. For them I post this.



Why thank you :)

Thanks for saying that, you never know when you may have inadvertently seemed tacky or offensive.

Thanks for posting interesting things like this. I’m straight, but we can appreciate it as well. It’s just pretty. Period.

I love it! There should be more of it around.

I can’t take men anymore and really need to be me! I need a woman who wants to go slow, and will treat me like I treat her like a queen… Want someone to take care of me and trust and love me for me…tired of pertending!

Just…Lovely!. Keep on posting images like this. Thank you.

i’m new at being gay

im new to this also. u cant beat a womans touch. They are one of the most beautifull, creatures on this earth. So complimitative to ones self.

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Gay women in love
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