Homo Sweet Homo

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Sex hungry males fought over him like carnivorous animals!
Homo Sweet Homo

So the paperback's cover says but look at what the cover shows. You'd expect to see a uber-hunk with lots of guys making eyes if not drooling over him. Another example of earlier heterosexual publishers of queer pulp's indifference to their audience. You could speculate they didn't see much of a difference between gay men and gay women. But images and stories of two women making love have been vended to heterosexual men for years. A very queer homo book indeed.

Aside of my own use of it I haven't heard the word homo used since Junior High. My referral logs show plenty of people trying to find out "what is homo sex like" and "what do homos want." Some of them will eventually make it to this entry.


Interesting. In French, the word “gay” is used more and more, but “homo” still works, too. And it’s not an insult, like “pédé” is. We use “homo” and “hétéro” for “gay” and “straight”. Which shows that words can be the same in too languages, the usage isn’t.

Annoyingly, American teenagers increasingly use gay as a synonym for dumb. It sometimes makes me wish something with more syllables like homophile had won out.

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Homo Sweet Homo
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