Innocence lost to moralizing

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The simple and the moralizing class that whips them into a frenzy are fond of saying how worse things are they are than they once were. Indeed they are, it is the constipated with their withered sensibilities that diminish the lives of their less constricted fellow citizens.

Or they try. Can you imagine this cheerful bit of WWII fluff appearing today? Walt Disney Corp. would be denounced as pedophiles and there'd be congressional hearings.

Walt Disney pin-ups


I don’t know where you find these graphic gems, but they certainly keep me coming back. I always wondered about Donald Duck, but what were they thinking? And, the little girl. That boggles the mind. Makes me wonder about what my Dad was looking at in the war.

I thought the little girl was either a daughter or younger sister back at the home front.

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Innocence lost to moralizing
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