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Jean Boullet is a gay cartoonist that I discovered from the cheerily sexy Out/Lines. Oddly his work looks much like that of Dick Tracy creator Chester Gould. Like those long eyelashes.

Jean Boullet drawing

Like the face on the guy there on the left with his hand in is pocket: arched brows, long lashes and full lips.

Book by Jean Boullet

Most of you fancy the man there on the right.


If you’re interested, in my site at I have the reproductions of the entire book “Oedipe” by Boullet. Very beautiful images, in my opinion.

Have a nice day


Very imaginative and elegant, I love art that combines androgyny and hypermasculinity.

Have you ever heard of Sadao Hasegawa? He does this beautiful mythological take of the male form, where he sexualize both Gods and Monsters…

Sadao Hasegawa?

No, I hadn’t. Surprised.

Some of it reminds me of old attempts to have fantasies involving supernatural entities that I never could quite bring off.

In looking around I saw one painting of a thin, somewhat wicked looking young fellow that is very much to my taste.

Sadao has a very supernatural & sensual style, is there a way I can send you some of his work vie e-mail?

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Jean Boullet.

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